Fill Your Beauty

천연 콜라겐을 생성 시켜주는 PLLA 필러

피부의 탄력을 되찾아 주고, 손실된 볼륨을 지속적으로 재생산해 주는 가나필


Gana V  

Components  : Poly-L-Latic Acid

Contents      : 520mg (PLLA 210mg)

Use Needle   : 21G Cannula

How to use   : Pour 12~18cc of distilled water and mix well

Gana X  

Components  : Poly-L-Latic Acid

Contents      : 1,560mg (PLLA 630mg)

Use Needle   : 19G Cannula

How to use   : Pour 35~45cc of distilled water and mix well

New PLLA Filler

Gana Fill consist of high quality of Poly-L-Latic Acid, which is a high crystalline polymer that has been used in human body since 1960. PLLA is biodegradable materials with good bio-absorbability and bio-compatibility. So PLLA is excreted by metabolism safely, after degradation in the body. Gana Fill is well known as a bio stimulatory dermal Filler. The effect of Gana Fill appear gradually until 6~8weeks and it is producing natural result for 2 years.

Faster dissolution time - 5 ~ 10Min 

No need suspension time

Lager quantity, Gana V 520mg, Gana X 1,560mg

Better contouring effect and long duration

- Bigger PLLA contents

Low nodule formation